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General brand coverage

Tatler Malaysia (17 April 2018) - interview with MT

GPHG 2018 Nominee, "Petit Aiguille" category (13 July 2017)


Media coverage of the MING 17.03 GMT:

Hodinkee (16 March 2018) - full review - "The design is as idiosyncratic as ever and if you found the original attractive, the 17.03 has the same unique appeal. The 17.03 GMT is original, affordable, and practical as well and shows that attention to detail and delivery of good value are very much a part of the identity of the 17.xx series from Ming." (Initial coverage, 11 February 2018)

Monochrome (11 February 2018)

aBlogtoWatch (11 February 2018) - "Maybe it's the fluid design, added practicality, easier price point, or the convenience of the new quick release titanium bracelet. Whatever it is, anyone perched on the fence and considering the 17.03 should probably get a move on, because if it's anything like Ming's previous watches, stock probably won't last very long."

Worn & Wound (12 February 2018) - "It makes sense, this idea of stripping a GMT back to its basics. And it works with the (17.)03. It’s simple, clear, and easy to read both the principal time and the second timezone"

Tidssonen (12 February 2018) 

WatchTime (13 February 2018) - "Rather than bailing out on a design that performed well in its limited run and then trying to find the next “big thing,” they’ve doubled down on how they approach their lineup and are showing that they’re here to stay. In a time when social media has made it amazingly easy for brands to pop up and disappear overnight, the small team at Ming deserves credit for refusing to stray from what their growing fanbase appreciate them for."

Tempus Fugit (14 February 2018) - "There are very few start-ups over the past few years that have had the sand to put out something fairly different.  Fewer still that have been able to follow-up that first salvo with further models that, like the first, continue to impress and sell well.  But then again, not every watch project/start-up is Ming."

Robb Report Malaysia (24 February 2018) 

Quill & Pad (26 February 2018) - review - "With the launch of the 17.03, the third timepiece from the brand in six months (a brand-new brand at that), Ming has once again created something awesome at a great price that has been meticulously considered in every way."

In praise of the MING 19.01: 

Quill &n Pad (16 July 2018) - "The Ming 19.01, the second release from this micro brand, boasts one of the most effective applications of a sapphire crystal dial I have seen in a long time...The effect is truly stunning and even though it was released in late 2017, it is still on my mind"

Hodinkee (13 July 2017) - "One notable microbrand newcomer to the GPHG is Ming, which has submitted the Ming 19.01 in the Petite Aiguille category (watches between CHF 4,000-10,000)."

GPHG 2018 Nominee, "Petit Aiguille" category (13 July 2017)

Hodinkee (3 November 2017) - "This isn't a go-anywhere, do-anything sports watch or a broad-appeal chronograph; it's the product of an obsessive focus on how a mechanical timekeeper can express not only a very particular design vision, but also a perspective on how time is experienced. On that level, and especially at this price point, it essentially stands alone."

Monochrome (9 November 2017) - "I think I can say without exaggeration that the design of the MING 19.01 is quite simply unlike any other time-only watch on the market. Whether it’s radical look will appeal to all buyers is another matter entirely, but one can’t help but applaud the MING team for resisting the temptation to be conservative and follow the same tried and tested path as pretty much every other comparable brand." 

PuristsPro (3 November 2017)

Acquire Magazine (3 November 2017)

TimeZone (6 November 2017)

Time and Watches (7 November 2017)

aBlogtoWatch (8 November 2017)

The Robb Report (11 November 2017)

Oracle of Time (15 November 2017)

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Media coverage of the MING 17.01

Hodinkee (14 Aug 2017) - full review - and reposted on Bloomberg (22 Aug 2017) and The Edge Markets (28 Aug 2017) - "These are remarkable watches, especially at the price, which is $900. The quality of materials is excellent but more than anything, you're getting a tremendously carefully thought through product...but the degree of attention to detail in everything from chronometry to mechanical solidity, to aesthetics is far above what one usually sees in any wristwatch, not only at this price but at any price. ...they're some of the most interesting introductions from a new brand that I've seen in quite a while, micro-brand or not."

Fratello Watches (14 Aug 2017) - "The design looks like if no – or at least little – compromises have been made. The watch is well-proportioned and the sleek design has this ‘organic’ touch to it. The polished bezel and lugs in combination with the brushed case band give it a very nice ‘play’ with light....Given the price tag of this watch, it is a quite amazing and unique design that can be offered for this kind of money." 

Monochrome (14 Aug 2017) - "The first thing to know is that Ming designed the 17.01 himself, from scratch. This is important for several reasons, not least of which is the fact that he is a real stickler for details. He also has an incredible understanding of proportions and the interplay of light with different surfaces under different conditions. The result is a watch that is dramatically over-engineered for the price point it sits at and yet remains elegant and understated." 

A Blog To Watch (18 Aug 2017) - full review - "Overall, I’m quite happy and impressed with this debut offering. The watch brings something unique in terms of design to the table but hasn’t compromised on the quality one would expect for this price. Highly recommended for someone looking for an affordable, elegant yet fun watch that’s well-built and easy to maintain.

Worn and wound (16 Aug 2017) - "At $900 it’s in some very competitive territory, but the finish, manufacturing, and visual dynamism on display here is hard to match for under $1,000."

Time+Tide Watches (16 Aug 2017) - "The 17.01 is an innovative piece that shows a progressive “outsider’s” perspective. There are still elements of traditional watchmaking evident throughout the piece, with nods to some of the leading independent designers like Stepan Sarpaneva, F. P. Journe and Kari Voutilainen — but at its core, the 17.01’s design is quite radical."

Gear Patrol (15 Aug 2017) - "The Ming 17.01 is the brand’s first effort — a simple, though finely-detailed two-hand watch powered by a Swiss-made, hand-wound movement from Sellita. The case is made from grade 5 titanium and comes in at just 38mm in diameter and 9.3mm thick, while the dial — available in gray or blue — features an engraved checker-like pattern in the center and applied numerals, giving what would be an otherwise simple timepiece a nice sense of depth."

Monochrome - women's industry insider picks (20 December 2017)

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