Frequently Asked Questions


Timekeeping Accuracy 

While all our watches are regulated and subjected to an extensive test program, the accuracy experienced in actual use can and will vary significantly from watch to watch. This happens for the following reasons:

  • Magnetisation: Electromagnets can be found everywhere in modern, urban life and are one of mechanical watches worst enemies. Magnetisation can cause timekeeping to vary and the variance depends on the degree of magnetisation. Magnetisation falls out of normal operating conditions and is therefore not covered by our limited mechanical warranty. The good news is that demagnetisation is a quick and simple process that any qualified watchmaker can carry out in less than 5 minutes. It does not require disassembly of the watch and therefore can be carried out without affecting the warranty in any way. You can also read more on how to demagnetise your watch here.
  • Differences in wearing patterns: All our watches are regulated in five positions and it is the average accuracy across these five positions that must fall within the target accuracy range. However, the accuracy in any one of the five may lie outside this target range. So if your watch tends to spend a lot of time in any one position (maybe you leave it crown up on the bedside table at night) the realised timekeeping rate will be heavily influenced by this position. 
  • State of wind: The accuracy of a watch will vary as power reserve drops and gets markedly worse towards the last quarter of the power reserve. For our hand wound watches, we recommend winding completely from a depleted state and topping up to full at regular intervals. For our automatic watches, we recommend hand winding to full from a depleted state and the automatic winding should keep it topped up. 


  • Where are your products manufactured?
    • All our watches are assembled, regulated and tested in Switzerland. However, we source components from all over the world and choose to work with the best suppliers, rather than limiting ourselves geographically. Final quality control is done personally in our headquarters at Kuala Lumpur. 
  • Why do you ship from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • To ensure we only ship a representative product to our customers, we personally inspect and quality check each watch at our HQ in Malaysia. Also, while watch heads are assembled in Switzerland, we source other components such as straps and packaging from countries as varied as France and Malaysia. Therefore, final packaging takes place in Malaysia. (Yes, we attach buckles to straps or seal watches individually, by hand).
  • Do you have dealers in my country?
    • We believe in building a relationship directly with our customers, to deliver the best possible experience. This isn't possible if a third party is involved; thus we do not have any dealers in any country and do not recognise orders placed through third parties. Watches are available directly through us only, or our partners in the case of collaborative editions. Any entity claiming to be our agent is therefore not legitimate.


  • What currency are your products priced in?
    • For orders placed on our website via Visa/ MasterCard, all products are priced in Swiss Francs (CHF) 
    • For payment via bank wire, we offer the option to pay in a few additional currencies. Please note that, for currencies aside from Swiss Francs, we set prices according to the rates quoted by our bank (and not Google, Yahoo Finance, XE etc). For more details, please e-mail us at
  • Are your prices inclusive of local taxes and import duties?
    • No - our prices do not include import duties and other applicable taxes. These are the responsibility of the customer and will be billed to you by DHL or your local customs authority on delivery. 
  • Why do you not participate in holiday sales or offer discounts on your products?
    • Honest and fair pricing was an important consideration when we started MING. And this is something we continue to take seriously. By never participating in holiday discounts or sales:
      • we can offer you the best price possible for each product, regardless of the season or occasion; and
      • you can purchase one of our products at any time without worrying about whether you "got a good deal".
    • There are only two times where pricing will vary from the full retail price: 
      • We may have special pricing for pre-order products (like the 19 series) for an initial period after launch
      • For the 19 series, we also offer a special price for payment via bank wire. This is simply the savings in credit card and FX spread fees that we chose to transfer back to the consumer.

Shipping & Returns

  • What shipping services do you use?
    • All our products are shipped via DHL Express with insurance and tracking.
  • Could you ship packages via EMS or a more economical shipping method and charge me less for shipping?
    • Unfortunately not. We cannot guarantee that packages will arrive safely (or at all) with EMS and shipping services such as FedEx and UPS will be far more expensive than DHL as we do not enjoy the benefit of reduced corporate rates from either of these companies.
  • What countries do you ship to?
    • At this time (August 2020), we are not able to ship to the following countries: Israel, North Korea, Cuba, Crimea, Iran, Syria, Russia and The Crimea. Should we find that we are unable to ship to the country of your choice or that there are other restrictions in place, we will contact you immediately for an alternate address or to refund your purchase in full (if an alternate shipping address is not an option).
  • What is your returns policy?
    • We offer a full refund, less shipping fees, for all our watches provided:
      • the watch is sent back to us within 14 days of receipt
      • is unworn and in a resellable condition
      • has all its accessories and protective packaging still intact
    • The option to return and ask for a refund is provided because we understand that what works in pictures may not always work in the metal. However, as a business, we also need to be able to resell any returned products. So if the watch has been worn and already has scratches or marks, we unfortunately cannot accept a return. 

Warranty & Service 

  • How long is your warranty?
    • Our watches carry a 12 or 24 month limited mechanical warranty starting from the date of delivery or the date on your paperwork, whichever is later.
  • What is covered by the warranty?
    • Any mechanical issues that are a result of issues during production or assembly. As mechanical objects with fine tolerances, it is inevitable that sometimes watches may have mechanical issues that only show up after some use. The warranty is intended to cover these issues. 
  • What is NOT covered by the warranty?
    • Damage due to improper use. Mechanical watches, even those with modern shock protection systems, have operating limits beyond which they will develop issues. Activities such as (but not limited to) playing golf, using a power drill, go-karting can damage your timepiece. This is not covered by the warranty. Forgetting to push the crown back in before a swim is also an example of user error and something that is not covered under the warranty.
    • Damage due to modifications or procedures carried out by the customer or an uncertified third party. If you have any issues with your watch, please contact us first. Trying to disassemble a watch by yourself or having your local watchmaker do it automatically voids the warranty. 
    • Wear and tear. Watches will take on nicks, marks and scratches. Straps will crease and wear out. This is part of the watch ownership experience and not something covered by the warranty. Any cosmetic issues spotted on receipt should be brought to our attention immediately. It's impossible to determine what is wear and tear and what was a cosmetic defect after the watch has been worn for several weeks.
    • External coatings and treatments such as DLC, heat bluing and AR coatings on crystal will wear and the wearing pattern varies form individual to individual based on use case. This wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.
  • How often should I have my MING watch serviced and how does the service process work?
    • We recommend a service every 5-7 years for your MING. A service is chargeable according to the scope of work. When it's time for a service, please email us and we will advise you on next steps.