The first MING 17.01 has landed - watch the owner unpack his new watch!

The last 48 hours, since the first media reports of the MING 17.01 were published, has been manic for all of us at MING. An influx of emails to be answered, orders to be noted, payments to be recorded and watches to be shipped. We certainly did not anticipate the overwhelming support we received!

Amidst the hustle and bustle, we did take the time to pause for what must be the most fulfilling moment for watch creators: the moment when Ming signed the letters to the new owners, which accompany each watch, and laid them carefully into the wooden box, where a 17.01 watch was already waiting, vacuum sealed and ready to go. Soon, the office table was occupied with dozens of DHL parcels.

Fast forward to today, and a message popped in from Gerald, one of our first customers, titled ‘unboxing and celebrating’. A moment of truth for us. How would our watches be received? We’ll let the owner’s images and words speak for themselves: 

“The joy is overwhelming! Thank you so much, Ming!

The watch is superb, not just at the price point. I cannot wait for your other projects. The aesthetic strikes a very strong chord with me, while the scientist in me is tickled by the engineering, craftsmanship and caring level of execution.

Sincerely wish you success.”

Thank you Gerald for your support and enthusiastic feedback! We wish you lots of fun and satisfaction with your new MING 17.01 for many years to come!

We're always happy to hear from fellow enthusiasts - so if you want to share your personal MING experience please write to us at, and follow our journey on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @mingwatches.

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