MING 19.01 - The Aurochronos Festival 2018 Grand Prix Winner

The recently concluded AuroChronos Festival in Łódź, Poland, was a showcase for independent watchmaking and was met with an enthusiastic reception from collectors. We are grateful to the organisers for giving us the opportunity to present our watches, and even more so to the many, many passionate watch enthusiasts who stopped by our booth and took time to appreciate our collection.

We felt much joy and a special sense of pride when we learned that the MING 19.01 was awarded the Grand Prix of the Jury this year. This is the first award we have ever received, and thus came with all the unique emotions of a debut. 

Image courtesy of Aurochronos Festival organizers

The jury, composed of eminent watch collectors, valued the comprehensive design of the MING 19.01, the size, the use of materials, the manner in which light flows in and around our watch which, combined with the low weight creates a holistic impression of lightness, and of course, the movement. But what really stood out for the jury was our unique sapphire dial with blue gradient.

We feel motivated to continue working on timepieces which embody Ming Thein’s aesthetic vision, and would like to, once again, thank the AuroChronos organisers, jury and all the visitors, and extend our best wishes to all prize winners.

Image courtesy of Aurochronos Festival organizers

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