First anniversary limited edition: pre-launch information

As we gear up for the First Anniversary limited edition launch, we wanted to share a few important reminders:

  • The MING anniversary limited edition will be available to order on 15 August at 9PM MYT, the local time in various parts of the world is as follows:
    • San Francisco: 6AM, 15 August
    • New York: 9AM, 15 August
    • London: 2PM, 15 August
    • Zurich: 3PM, 15 August
    • Tokyo: 10PM, 15 August
    • Sydney: 11PM, 15 August
  • A reminder email will be sent out at the time of launch. Due to the large number of e-mails being sent and variations in the way email servers are configured, you may only see the email 15 minutes after it is sent. Unfortunately there is just no way to guarantee that an e-mail will show up in an inbox at exactly the right time.
  • The Blue edition is limited to 125 pieces and will be available for sale exactly at 9PM MYT. To avoid being early or late due to human error, we've scheduled and automated it such that all products go live simultaneously. Note: The Ultra Blue (25 piece LE) is available by bank wire only and the waitlist is currently closed for registration.
  • Cart holds are not available. As a young brand, there are certain features we cannot integrate into our website due to cost and complexity. Cart holds are unfortunately not possible on any currently available e-commerce solutions. 
  • Payments: All products are priced in Swiss Francs (CHF), but PayPal accepts all major credit cards and currencies. We recommend informing your bank or credit card provider in advance to avoid approval issues at time of order especially if you do not regularly make online/ overseas purchases.

We hope this answers the five most frequent questions we've received over the past week... PRS

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