Changes to ordering system

*Updated 7 March 2022

Starting with the MING 37.05 launch - we will be moving to a new, ordering system that was designed and developed based on customer feedback and with the intent of improving the purchasing experience. 

The biggest addition with the new system is the ability to implement cart holds. Using the existing owner's batch of 150x 37.05s on 25 Nov as an example:

  • The first 150 customers to click the 'Add to Cart' button will have a watch provisionally reserved for 5 minutes or until one payment attempt is made.
  • During the cart hold, no one else can add watches to cart or attempt to order.
  • The 151st customer and anyone after who clicks the 'Add to Cart' button will be shown a 'All Items in Cart Hold' page.
  • If the time elapses or payment is declined/ fails, the system will then release the watch(es) back into stock and it will be available for order again. So please be sure to check back in again after a few minutes.
  • Should you have a watch secured and you are in the midst of checking out, please do not close the window, refresh the browser or press the back button.
  • If the watch is actually sold out, you will be shown a 'Sold Out/ Forbidden' page. 

This system has been designed, developed and tested over the last eighteen months and includes anti-bot measures and has been designed to handle traffic significantly higher than we have experienced to date. 

This system has been tested and we are confident it works as described. However, as it is prudent to be prepared for all possibilities, in the event there is an issue during the order window, we will immediately take the system offline and send out a newsletter informing customers of the same. We will then open for orders only after the issue has been resolved and the new date and time will be communicated by mailer. 

While no system is perfect, we believe that implementing cart holds allows for a more transparent process.


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