Media Coverage of the MING 27.02

General Press Coverage

Fratello Watches (14 January 2021) - "In my view, this is yet another gorgeous piece that looks like little else on the market aside from showing a familial resemblance to other MING watches. Personally speaking, this just might be the dress watch for me."

Worn & Wound (14 January 2021) - "It looks great, and offers a taste of haute horlogerie decoration at a somewhat more modest price."

WatchYaGonnaDoAboutIt (14 January 2021) - "The combination of all things soaked in MING design DNA combined with the only 6.9mm total height including the sapphire crystals makes the 27.02 a must have for any serious watch collector." 

Professional Watches (14 January 2021) - "Flared “flying blade” lugs, hollowed case flanks and lugs, and a zero marker at 12 stand out as the signature design elements that help this young company stand out in an overly crowded market."

ABlogToWatch (14 January 2021) - "This is the same thin 38mm-wide, 6.9mm-thick steel case with Ming’s recognizable hand-set and “flyblade” shaped lugs. I have handled the 27.01 and want to note that the case finishing is pretty damn solid when you consider this price point and how small the batches are."

Watch Media Online (14 January 2021, Japanese)

Luxe178 (14 January 2021)

Watches by SJX (14 January 2021)

Monochrome (14 January 2021)

Watch I Love (14 January 2021)

Hodinkee (15 January 2021) - "The combination looks pretty terrific even in photographs, and I think there ought to be a very interesting contrast between the thin dimensions of the watch and the impression of depth given by the dial.!"

Watchonista (20 January 2021)


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