Media Coverage of the MING 22.01 GMT

General Press Coverage

Fratello Watches (9 March 2022) - "

Now, we get to pricing, and I think that people who are interested should be pleased. The MING 22.01 GMT will retail for CHF 3,250. To me, that’s seriously approachable for a watch that boasts some lovely details and, undoubtedly, some great finishing. I don’t need one of these watches, but I want one." 

Hodinkee (9 March 2022) - "

That that language and those features continue to evolve in every new Ming watch, is exciting – it's far from easy to keep breaking new ground while staying grounded in the past. Tradition is great; inventing your own is even better."

Time + Tide Watches (9 March 2022) - "As you can see, there is much going on in these few millimetres of space. So when the light hits the dial(s), a lot of depth is created. But if somehow, that is still not enough for you, the light show created by the Super-LumiNova X1 adds some more punch."

Monochrome (9 March 2022)

Worn & Wound (9 March 2022) 

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