Media Coverage of the MING 20.11 Mosaic

General Press Coverage

Hodinkee (5 July 2021) - "It is expensive? Okay, it is expensive. It is worth it, if you ask me, to have something on your wrist which is not another me-too pseudo-vintage nostalgia play, but is instead an honest-to-goodness piece of genuinely creative watchmaking."

WatchYaGonnaDoAboutIt (5 July 2021) - "Just like a game of chess, Ming, still a newborn compared to the Holy Trinity’s of this industry, is meant to take baby steps, but instead, it’s teaching others how to run."

Worn & Wound (5 July 2021) 

Monochrome Watches (5 July 2021)

WatchILove (5 July 2021)

Hypebeast (5 July 2021)

Quill & Pad (5 July 2021)

Uncrate (5 July 2021)

FirstClasse MY (6 July 2021)

MasterHorologer (6 July 2021)

Escapement Magazine (9 July 2021)

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