Media Coverage of the MING 17.09

General Press Coverage

Fratello Watches (12 April 2021) - "I think this is another absolute hit for the the small, yet popular company. That dial plus the unique crystal look wicked to me and as a current MING owner, a blue one will hopefully make its way to my collection."

Worn & Wound (12 April 2021) - "The 17.09 has come a long way since then, and it shows. This is a sophisticated watch for being a two-handed time only affair. "

Watch Ya Gonna Do About it (12 April 2021) - "Within an industry that can be repetitive and sometimes unwilling to step into the modern century, Ming’s watches are a breath of fresh air. The Ming 17.09 is the Fresh Prince Of Swiss-Air."

Watches by SJX (12 April 2021)

Armbanduhren (German, 12 April 2021)

Watch Media Online (Japanese, 12 April 2021)

Monochrome Watches (12 April 2021)

The Hour Markers (12 April 2021)

Watch I Love (12 April 2021)

Acquire Mag (13 April 2021)

Boss Hunting AU (13 April 2021)

Master Horologer (24 April 2021)

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