Media coverage of the Abyss Concept

Fratello Watches (28 June 2019) - "Honestly, I love the looks of this watch.  Somehow, the brand managed to come up with what I think is a truly fresh-looking dive watch that still retains MING’s design DNA.  It’s legible, clean and wonderfully sized."

aBlogtoWatch (28 June 2019) - "But the design is sublime. The watch truly looks like an alien on the wrist, with its one glowing eye at 12 o’clock staring up at you (at all hours of the day and night, thanks to some top-level luminous material on both the dial and crisp ceramic bezel insert). There’s a nice bit of texture and depth to the dial, with the grooved blue chapter ring that encircles the wordless design. The hands, too, are stunningly beautiful in their simplicity and commitment to functionality. And although this is a concept watch, it certainly has put function ahead of form. As a result, it fulfills its remit perfectly."

Time + Tide (28 June 2019) - "Philosophy books will have already taught you about the dangers of staring into an abyss, but this is one Abyss (Concept) you shouldn’t stare into for too long if you don’t want to miss out."

Monochrome Watches (28 June 2019) - "To make sure it’s comfortable no what matter what you wear it with, the short lugs have holes for both curved and straight straps. A simple thing perhaps, but yet another example of Ming’s attention to the finer details."

Luxe178 (28 June 2019) - "Folks, it is unusual that I ask you NOT to continue reading my article but immediately go online shopping.
That's because the embargo gets lifted at 13:00 GMT 28th June 2019 and there are only 10 watches on offer."

Robb Report Malaysia (28 June 2019)"Its latest release is a bit of a surprise, but then again, Ming is a young company that has a track record of a purist’s eye for detail and a willingness to experiment – so perhaps it is unsurprising that it is surprising."

Acquire Mag (28 June 2019)

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WatchILove (28 June 2019)

Finansavisen Motor/Tidssonen (29 June 2019)

Relojes Increibles (2 July 2019)

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