In praise of the MING 19.05

Fratello Watches (20 November 2020 - "With this latest watch, MING shows us that after seeing so many formulaic watches from others, they’re somehow able to create fresh variants on an already distinctive theme."

Monochrome (20 November 2020)

aBlogtoWatch (20 November 2020)

WatchYaGonnaDoAboutIt (20 November 2020) - "For the price of 9’950 CHF, one gets a truly limited production of 15-pieces, a skeletonized Schwarz-Etienne movement, a unique solid sapphire dial with inlaid ceramic Super-LumiNova X1, a lightweight grade 5 titanium case, and a design language that’s slowly becoming as distinctive as Breguet hands. As 2020 is at the thresholds of finally changing over, what more could you ask for?"

Watch Media Online (20 November 2020, Japanese)

Tidssonen (20 November 20, Norwegian)

Relojes Increibles (20 November 2020, Spanish)

Watch I Love (20 November 2020)

Master Horologer (21 November 2020)

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